Kuto’s life no. 390

Kuto had never been one for surprises. He was the kind of person who liked to know exactly what was going on at all times, and he didn't like it when things deviated from his carefully laid plans. So you can imagine his surprise when, after arriving in Sint Maarten (Dutch part), he found himself in the middle of a chaotic scene straight out of a sitcom.

There was a black fedora hat flying through the air, followed closely by a fu manchu mustache. Both were attached to a head that belonged to Kuto, though he couldn't quite believe it as he watched them sail away into the distance.

As if that wasn't enough, his polo shirt had also decided to make an escape. The black fabric flapped in the wind like a flag as it too disappeared from view.

Kuto stood there stunned for a moment, before finally coming to his senses and running after his wayward belongings. But try as he might, there was no catching them; they were gone forever.
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