Kuto was always a angry person. He never really knew why, but he always felt like the world was against him. When he was younger, his parents had died in a car accident. He was sent to live with his grandparents in Egypt. They were kind to him, but Kuto always felt like they were just tolerating him.

He grew up into a young man filled with rage. He would lash out at anyone and everyone for no reason. His grandfather tried to talk to him about it, but Kuto just couldn’t control himself. Eventually, his grandfather gave up and Kuto was left to fend for himself.

He got by on odd jobs and petty theft until he finally saved up enough money to buy a one-way ticket back to America. He swore he would make those who had wronged him pay dearly for their actions.

When he arrived back in America, he went straight for his old neighborhood first; the place where his parents had died all those years ago…