Kuto’s life no. 368

Kuto's life was filled with grief. He had lost his family in a fire when he was young, and ever since then he'd been on his own. He'd never really had a home, or anyone to care for him. He'd been through a lot of hard times, but somehow he always managed to get by.

But now Kuto was in Sweden, and things were different. He didn't know anybody here, and he didn't speak the language. Everything was strange and new to him. But worst of all, he felt completely alone.

One day, Kuto decided to go for a walk in the city. Maybe if he saw some people, it would make him feel better. But as soon as he stepped outside, he realized that something wasn't right. The sky was red instead of blue, and there wasn't a single person in sight - only abandoned cars and buildings.. It looked like everyone had just vanished into thin air..
On instinct, Kuto started running towards the nearest building - maybe someone would be there who could tell him what was going on.. But as soon as he entered the building ,he wished that hadn't done it.. There were dead bodies everywhere - men , women , children.. All of them with looks of terror frozen on their faces.. It looked like they had died in agony .And then Kuto saw something that made his blood run cold - writing scrawled on the wall in what looked like blood : "The end is coming ."
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