Kuto’s life no. 360

As a youngling, Kuto was always filled with indignation. He felt that the world owed him something and he was determined to get it. When he was old enough, he left his home in search of adventure. He eventually found himself in Guam where he met a yellow ranger named Hat. The two of them hit it off immediately and began adventuring together.

Kuto's hair color is light grey and he has a Balbo beard. He wears a green bomber jacket and hat which are both well-worn from years of use. Despite his age, Kuto is still in excellent shape due to all the hiking and climbing he does on a daily basis.

One day, while out exploring, the pair came across an ancient temple that neither of them had ever seen before. They cautiously entered, not knowing what to expect. Once inside, they quickly realized that this wasn't just any old temple; it was filled with traps!

They did their best to avoid the traps but alas, Hat fell into one of them and hurt her leg badly. Kuto knew they wouldn't be able to make it back out on their own so he went for help
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