Kuto’s life no. 352

Kuto's life was filled with indignation. He was always the last one to be picked for anything, whether it was sports or other activities. And when it came to girls, he might as well have been invisible. It didn't help that he had a balding head and his hair color was off black. To top it all off, he wore square yellow sunglasses and had a shaved face. The only thing that made him feel remotely cool was the gold helix piercing on right ear.

But even that didn't make up for the fact that he felt like an outsider in his own life. His parents loved him, but they just didn't understand him. They wanted him to be something he wasn't - a jock or a preppy guy who would date cheerleaders. But Kuto just wasn't interested in any of that stuff.

The only place Kuto felt truly comfortable was when he was by himself, listening to music or lost in thought. He liked being alone; it gave him time to think about things and figure out who he really was inside.

One day, Kuto made a decision: He was going to move away from home and start fresh somewhere new where nobody knew him and he could be anyone he wanted to be without judgement. So, with that goal in mind, Kuto packed up his things and moved to San Marino - a small country located between Italy and France (and known for its beautiful coastline).
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