Kuto had never been so shocked in his life. He was in Slovakia, of all places, and he had a white beanie hat on his head. His hair color was light blonde, and he wore round black sunglasses. He also had a lumberjack beard. Kuto’s outfit was completed with a black tank top. He looked like he belonged in the mountains, not in the middle of an ancient city.

But that wasn’t the only shock that Kuto experienced that day. He also found out that his father had been killed by a vampire. It was something that Kuto never would have believed if he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes. Now he knew that vampires were real, and they were dangerous creatures to be avoided at all costs.

Despite the shock of learning about vampires, Kuto decided to continue on with his life and make the best of it. After all, he still had himself and there was plenty to see and do in Slovakia besides worry about vampires chasing him down through dark alleyways or lurking outside his window at nightfall waiting for him to fall asleep so they could eat him alive!