Kuto’s life no. 341

Kuto was born in the British Indian Ocean Territory, and from a young age, he was filled with fear. He was always afraid of the dark, of being alone, and of dying. When he was just a child, his parents died in a car accident, and Kuto was left completely alone in the world.

Kuto did his best to cope with his fears, but they always seemed to find a way to creep up on him. Even when he tried to distract himself by listening to music or playing video games, his fears would find him again. It felt like they were constantly lurking just behind him, ready to pounce at any moment.

One day, Kuto's fears finally got the better of him. He snapped and ran away from everything he knew into the wilderness beyond. He didn't care where he went or what happened to him; all he wanted was to get away from his fears.

As Kuto wandered through the wilderness for days on end, his food and water began to run out. He became weak and dehydrated, but still he pushed on further into the unknown territory ahead of him. Finally,...
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