Kuto’s life no. 334

Kuto had always been a bit of an outsider. Born with a head full of hair that was light grey in color, he was constantly the subject of mockery and ridicule. His parents had tried to dye it brown or black, but nothing seemed to take. So, Kuto grew up feeling like an outcast.

When he was old enough, Kuto left his home in search of a place where he would fit in. He ended up in Gibraltar, where he found work as a fisherman. It wasn't the most glamorous job, but it allowed him to be around people without having to worry about them making fun of his hair.

After a few years working as a fisherman, Kuto began to feel like maybe there was more to life than just trying not to stand out too much. He started exploring other hobbies and interests, and eventually found himself becoming quite skilled at painting portraits. People were amazed by his talent, and slowly but surely they began to accept him for who he was - weird hair and all.

Nowadays, Kuto is known throughout Gibraltar as one of the most talented painters around. He's even managed to make peace with his unusual hair color; after all, it's what makes him unique!
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