Kuto’s life no. 331

Kuto woke up early that morning, as he usually did. The sun had not yet risen, but the sky was beginning to lighten. Kuto got out of bed and began his daily routine. He started by making a fire in the small stove in his hut. Then he boiled some water and made himself a cup of tea. After drinking his tea, Kuto put on his warmest clothing and went outside.

The air was cold and crisp. Kuto breathed in deeply, filling his lungs with the fresh air. He loved living in Greenland; it was so different from anywhere else he had ever been. Everything here was so pure and unspoiled.

Kuto walked down to the river that ran near his village. He liked to watch the sunrise over the water each day. It always filled him with a sense of wonder and peace. As he watched the sun slowly rise above the horizon, Kuto couldn't help but reflect on all that had happened over the past year or so...

He thought about how worried he had been when word first reached them that strangers were coming to their land
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