Kuto’s life no. 325

Kuto was always on the lookout for anything out of the ordinary. He had a sharp eye and quick reflexes, which served him well in his line of work. Kuto was a bounty hunter, and he prided himself on being the best in the business.

No one knew where Kuto came from, or even what his real name was. He kept to himself and didn't share much about his past. All anyone knew was that he was an expert tracker and an excellent fighter.

Kuto always worked alone, but he had developed a reputation for being reliable and efficient. People said that if you wanted someone caught, Kuto was your man.

One day, Kuto received a tip-off about a fugitive who was hiding out on one of the small islands in the Northern Mariana Islands chain. The bounty wasn't large, but Kuto decided to take the job anyway. He figured it would be an easy capture.

When Kuto arrived on the island, he began tracking down his quarry immediately. It didn't take long for him to find where the fugitive was hiding out; however, when he went to apprehend them, they put up quite a fight! After a long and brutal battle, Kuto finally emerged victorious - but not without sustaining some injuries of his own..
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