Kuto’s life no. 32

Once upon a time, there was a young man named Kuto who lived in Bhutan. He was always filled with laughter and joy, no matter what happened in his life. People in his village would often say that it was because he had such a good soul.

One day, Kuto went on a journey to find the source of happiness. He traveled for many days, through mountains and valleys, until he came to a small cottage in the forest. Inside he found an old woman sitting by the fire.

Kuto asked her if she could teach him how to be happy like she was. The old woman said that it wasn't something that could be taught, but rather something that one had to learn for themselves. She told Kuto to go out into the world and experience as much as he could. Only then would he find true happiness.

Kuto thanked the old woman for her advice and set off on his journey once again. He traveled far and wide, learning about different cultures and customs along the way. And eventually he did find true happiness – not from anything external, but from within himself.'
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