Kuto’s life no. 318

Kuto was born in Montenegro, and he has always been filled with terror. When he was just a child, his parents were killed by a pack of wild dogs. Kuto barely escaped with his life, and ever since then, he has been living in fear.

Kuto does everything he can to avoid being seen by people or animals. He wears a green bucket hat and aviator silver eyeglasses to try and disguise himself, and he keeps his hair dark brown so it is less noticeable. He also shaves his face so that there is no fur for anything to grab onto if they were to attack him.

Despite all of these precautions, Kuto's life is still full of terror. He is constantly looking over his shoulder, afraid that something is going to jump out at him from the shadows. He rarely leaves his house, and when he does venture out into the world, he sticks to crowded places where there are plenty of people around him.

Even though Kuto lives in constant fear, he knows that it is better than the alternative - death. And so far, he has managed to survive despite all the odds against him
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