Kuto’s life no. 31

Kuto was in the United States of America, and he was having the time of his life. He went to all the amusement parks and rode all the rides. He ate all the food and drank all the drinks. He even got to meet some famous people.

But Kuto didn't just enjoy himself, he also made sure to help others have a good time too. He would always offer to take pictures for people, or help them with directions. He even helped clean up after a few messy accidents. People started calling him "The Good Samaritan" because he was always helping someone out.

One day, Kuto ran into a group of teenagers who were causing trouble. They were throwing things around and being generally disruptive. Kuto tried to talk to them and reason with them, but they weren't interested in listening. So instead, Kuto decided to show them how much fun it could be to act responsibly by joining in on their fun activities while still keeping things under control.. After that day, those teens became some of Kuto's best friends and they would often go on adventures together around town
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