Kuto’s life no. 307

It was a hot day in Niger and Kuto was out walking around in his black fedora hat and light blonde hair. His face was shaved clean and he wore a white and red v-neck t-shirt. He walked past the market stalls, smiling and laughing at the various items on sale. He bought some fresh fruit from one of the vendors before making his way to the river to cool off.

Kuto sat down on the edge of the river, dangle his feet in the water, and ate his fruit. He enjoyed watching the people go about their daily lives; children playing games, women cooking over fires, men repairing boats. It was all so different from back home but Kuto loved it here. The people were friendly and always seemed to be laughing, even when they were working hard.

After a while, Kuto got up and continued on his walk. He came across a group of children playing a game with stones near where he had been sitting earlier. They invited him to join in and soon he was laughing as hard as they were as he tried to throw his stone into one of the small holes they had dug in the ground
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