Kuto’s life no. 291

Kuto was always a rage-filled individual. It is said that this began after he lost his parents at a young age in Latvia. Since then, Kuto had to fend for himself on the streets. He quickly learned how to fight and how to use his fists to get what he wanted. This led him down a dark path, and eventually, Kuto became one of the most feared individuals in Latvia.

As time went on, Kuto's hair began to thin and turn grey. He also developed a soul patch beard and started wearing oversized round black eyeglasses. Despite his rather unkempt appearance, there was something about Kuto that struck fear into the hearts of those who crossed him.

One day, Kuto finally snapped. After getting into an argument with someone at a local bar, Kuto beat them senseless with his bare hands before finally killing them with a single punch through their skull. This act of violence cemented his reputation as someone not to be messed with.

After that fateful day, Kuto continued living life on the edge until one day he ran afoul of some powerful people in Latvia who decided they wanted him dead...
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