Kuto’s life no. 285

The life of Kuto was filled with sadness. He was born in French Polynesia and his parents died when he was just a child. His only friend was a crew member on his ship who gave him his first haircut. After that, Kuto's hair color changed to terracotta and he began to shave his face. He wore a blue plaid shirt and became known as the "sad man of the sea."

One day, while out fishing, Kuto's boat capsized in a storm. He clung to a piece of driftwood for days before finally washing up on an uninhabited island. There he built himself a shelter and started to catch fish for food.

He lived like this for many years, until one day another ship happened to pass by his island. The crew saw the smoke from his fire and came ashore to investigate. They were shocked to find a man living alone on the island, but even more surprised when they realized it was Kuto!

The crew took him back to their ship and returned him to civilization. But try as he might, Kuto could never forget the years he spent alone on that remote island. Even though he was surrounded by people again, he always felt like something was missing from his life.
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