Kuto’s life was filled with anger. He was always mad at someone or something. It seemed like nothing could make him happy.

One day, Kuto decided to take a trip to Seychelles. He had always wanted to see the beautiful island country and he thought it would be a good way to get away from his problems for awhile.

When Kuto arrived in Seychelles, he immediately noticed something different about himself. His hair was no longer its usual color of carrot; it was now a afro haircut that matched the island’s lush vegetation. Kuto also had a shaved face, which made him look more like a local than a tourist.

At first, Kuto tried to enjoy his vacation despite these changes. He went swimming in the crystal-clear waters and explored the jungle-like forests on the island. But eventually, the anger that had been simmering inside of him boiled over again.