Kuto’s life no. 27

Kuto's life was filled with revulsion. He was born in the Cayman Islands, and his parents were of different races. His mother was black, and his father was white. Kuto grew up feeling like an outsider in both communities. He had a black cyclist cap that he never took off, and his hair color was off black. He also had a goatee that made him look older than he actually was. Kuto always wore a purple hoodie, even when it wasn't cold out.

One day, Kuto's parents told him that they were moving back to the United States. They didn't want their son to grow up feeling like an outcast, so they decided to give him a fresh start. Kuto wasn't sure what to expect when he arrived in America, but he knew it couldn't be worse than what he had already experienced in his short life.

As it turns out, America wasn't much different from the Cayman Islands. People still stared at him because of the way he looked, and they still treated him differently because of his skin color. One day, while walking down the street minding his own business, Kuto was accosted by a group of young men who called him racial slurs and tried to physically harm him just because they could
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