Kuto’s life no. 260

Kuto's Life

Kuto was born in Martinique, a small island in the Caribbean Sea. Her parents were poor, but they loved her very much. Kuto grew up happy and carefree, playing with the other children in her neighborhood.

When she was ten years old, Kuto's parents died of a disease that swept through the island. Kuto was left alone in the world. She did not know how to survive on her own. Fortunately, she had a kind heart and quick wit. She quickly learned how to fend for herself and make a living selling fruit and vegetables on the streets of Martinique.

Despite her hard life, Kuto always tried to find joy in everything she did. Even when she was sleeping on the cold ground at night, she would look up at the stars and dream about far-off places she wanted to visit someday. One day,she told herself,she would see all those places with her own eyes...
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