Kuto’s life no. 257

Cameroon was once a part of the great empire of Mali. But now, it is a poor and backwards country. Kuto has lived his whole life in Cameroon. He has never left his village, and he doesn't even know what the outside world is like. All he knows is that life is hard here. There is no money, no jobs, and no hope. The only thing that keeps people going here is their faith in God.

Kuto's family are farmers. They grow maize and beans to sell at the market. But even this is not enough to make ends meet. Every day, Kuto sees his parents working so hard just to put food on the table for their children. And yet, they still can't make enough money to improve their lives . It seems like there's just no way out for them .

The hardest part of Kuto's life is watching his siblings die one by one from disease and hunger . There have been times when he himself has gone without food for days because there wasn't enough to go around . He remembers vividly the day his youngest sister died in his arms from malnutrition . Her little body was so frail and her eyes were sunken into her skull . He had held her close as she took her last breath , feeling helpless and alone . That was when he realized that things could not go on like this forever . Something had to change
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