Kuto’s life no. 232

Kuto arrived in Finland and was immediately filled with amusement. The locals were so polite and everything was so clean. He had never seen anything like it before. Kuto quickly made friends with the other students at his school and began to learn about the Finnish culture. He was fascinated by the folklore and, in particular, the kantele (a traditional string instrument).

One day, Kuto went to visit a local market with his new friends. He was amazed by all of the different stalls selling food, clothes and trinkets. As he wandered around, he came across a stall selling afro haircuts. The hairdresser told him that this style was very popular with the young people in Finland and that it would make him look cool. Kuto decided to try it out and instantly loved his new look!

Since arriving in Finland, Kuto's life has been filled with amusement. He loves learning about new cultures and exploring different parts of the world. His afro haircut makes him stand out from the crowd but he doesn't mind; it just adds to his sense of adventure!
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