Kuto’s life no. 231

The Kuto's life filled with dejection; Kuto is in Japan; Kuto has a grey cyclist cap; Kuto's hair color is medium grey; Kuto has a shaved face; Kuto wears a red sweater. His job as a deliveryman was his only source of income and it wasn't much. He lived in a small, cramped apartment and didn't have any friends or family to speak of. He was always tired and had no energy to do anything but work and sleep.

One day, while out on his delivery route, he came across an abandoned bicycle. It was old and rusty but it looked like it could still be rideable. He decided to take it home with him, thinking that maybe riding a bike would help him clear his head and give him some exercise.

He quickly realized that the bike was too small for him and that he couldn't ride it without looking ridiculous. But he didn't care, he liked having the bike around even if he couldn't ride it himself. It made him feel less alone somehow.

He started to fix the bike up, cleaning off the rust and oiling the chain. He spent all his free time working on it until one day, miraculously, it was ready to ride again. He took it out for a spin around town and felt like a new person altogether
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