Kuto’s life no. 23

The anxiety was palpable. It coursed through Kuto's veins like an electric current, jolting his body into a state of constant vigilance. His heart pounded in his chest, and his breathing was shallow and quick. He felt as though he were about to jump out of his skin. Every sound made him startle, and every shadow seemed to hold some lurking danger. He was on edge all the time, never able to relax or let down his guard.

Kuto had always been a worrier, but lately it had reached a whole new level. He was obsessively worried about everything: his health, his job, the state of the world... you name it, he worried about it. His mind was constantly racing with anxious thoughts, and he found it hard to concentrate on anything else. Even when he managed to push away the worries for a little while and enjoy something momentarily, they would quickly come rushing back in again like an unstoppable tide.

This constant anxiety was taking its toll on Kuto physically as well as mentally. He had lost weight due to lack of appetite; insomnia meant that he often looked tired and haggard; and stress headaches were becoming increasingly common .What's more ,the worrywart tendencies were starting to interfere with work performance at Kuto's job as an accountant .He knew he needed help ,but admitting that fact only made him feel even more anxious .After all ,if he couldn't even handle simple things like this then how could he hope to deal with whatever life might throw at him next ?

In desperation ,Kuto decided to take a trip Philippines in hopes that getting away from everything familiar might help him find some perspective .And indeed ,for a little while at least ,it did seem be working . Surrounded by tropical beauty instead everyday worry filled surroundings helped ease Kuto's mind somewhat so that finally began sleeping better 、eating more regularly 、and enjoying moments here there without being consumed by anxious thoughts But eventually 、sadly 、the respite came crashingto end when realized no matter where go :there always going be partof himself can't just leave behind
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