Kuto’s life no. 225

Kuto had always been a loner. He never felt like he fit in anywhere, and he never really tried to make friends. That all changed when he met Sulejman. Sulejman was different than anyone Kuto had ever met. He was kind, caring, and always seemed to know just what to say to make Kuto feel better. The two of them became fast friends, and Kuto finally felt like he belonged somewhere.

However, their idyllic friendship was not meant to last. War broke out in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and soon Sulejman's family was forced to flee the country. Kuto watched as his friend said goodbye to his parents and sister, knowing that he would probably never see them again. It was a heartbreaking moment, but it only made their bond stronger.

The war continued to rage on, but Kuto and Sulejman kept in touch as best they could through letters and phone calls
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