Kuto’s life no. 22

Kuto's Story

Kuto was always a worrywart. He was the type of person who would constantly worry about everything and anything. Even the smallest things would bother him and he would often find himself worrying about things that were out of his control. It was exhausting for Kuto but he couldn't help it, it was just how he was wired.

One thing that Kuto worried about more than anything else was his health. He was always afraid that something bad would happen to him and he would get sick or hurt. This fear became even more prominent when Kuto moved to Ireland from his home in Japan. He didn't know anyone in Ireland and everything felt so new and strange to him. The thought of getting sick or injured while being so far away from home terrified Kuto.

To try and ease his anxiety, Kuto began to take up cycling as a hobby. He loved being out in nature and feeling the wind on his face as he pedaled along the country roads near where he lived. Cycling helped Kuto to relax and forget about all of his worries for a little while but eventually, they would always come back to him again
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