Kuto’s life no. 202

Once upon a time, the Kuto tribe lived in Paraguay. They were a happy and peaceful people who loved to sing and dance. However, their lives were filled with grief when their chief's daughter was killed by a jaguar. The whole tribe mourned for her, but no one could bring themselves to kill the animal that had taken her life.

One day, a young man named Kuto came to the village and said that he would kill the jaguar if they made him their chief. The tribe agreed and Kuto set off into the jungle.

He tracked the jaguar for days, but it always seemed to be just ahead of him. Finally, he cornered the animal in a cave and killed it with his knife. When he returned to the village, he was hailed as a hero and became their new chief.

The Kuto tribe prospered under his leadership and they continued to sing and dance despite their sadness over losing their beloved daughter.
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