Kuto’s life no. 201

Kuto was born in Saint Pierre and Miquelon, a small group of islands off the coast of Canada. He grew up fishing and hunting with his father and brothers. As a young man, Kuto developed a passion for sailing. He traveled to many different countries, working on various boats as a deckhand or cook. In his early twenties, Kuto settled in New Zealand, where he took up surfing.

One day, while surfing near his home in Auckland, Kuto encountered a large shark. The shark attacked him, biting off his right arm just below the shoulder. After surviving the attack and receiving treatment at a local hospital, Kuto decided to return to Saint Pierre and Miquelon to live with his family again.

Despite the loss of his arm, Kuto continued to pursue his love of sailing. He designed and built himself a special one-armed sailboat that he used to compete in races around the world. In 2003, he even won an international regatta held in France – proving that anything is possible if you set your mind to it!
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