Kuto’s life no. 200

The day started like any other day for Kuto. He woke up early and went for a run. After his run, he had breakfast and then headed out into the city. It didn't take long for him to find something interesting to do. He stumbled upon a group of people gathered around a man who was telling a story. Kuto stopped to listen and soon found himself captivated by the tale.

The story was about a young man who had been living in Hong Kong for several years. The man told of how he had arrived in the city with nothing but the clothes on his back and how he had managed to make a life for himself. He told of how he had met some amazing people and seen some incredible things during his time in Hong Kong.

By the time the story was over, Kuto knew that he wanted to experience everything that the city had to offer. He thanked the man who had told him the story and set off on his own adventure through Hong Kong . . .
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