Kuto’s life no. 20

Kuto's life was filled with disgust. He had been living in the Philippines for years, and his hair had grown out into a middle part medium haircut. His hair color was honey blonde, and he wore wayfarer white sunglasses. He also had a mexican mustache. Kuto's shirt was red arabic, and he looked like he belonged in a different era.

One day, Kuto decided to go for a walk around the neighborhood. He walked past many houses, all of them looking the same to him. Eventually, he came across a house that looked oddly familiar to him. It was as if he had seen it before in a dream or something. Without thinking any further, Kuto walked up to the door and knocked on it lightly.

A woman answered the door after a few moments. She looked surprised to see Kuto standing there."Can I help you?" she asked warily.? "I'm sorry," Kuto said hastily."I thought this was my friend's house." The woman relaxed slightly at his words and opened the door wider so that he could come inside.? "Who is your friend?" she asked curiously.? "His name is Rodrigo,"? replied Kuto.? "He lives in Manila but I'm not sure where exactly."? The woman nodded her head understandingly.? "Well maybe I can help you find him then," she offered kindly.."Thank you," said Kuto gratefully as he stepped into the house..
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