Kuto’s life no. 190

Kuto had always been afraid. As a child, he was afraid of the dark, of ghosts and monsters. He was afraid of his own shadow. Even as an adult, Kuto could not shake his fearfulness. It seemed like no matter where he went, or what he did, Kuto was always living in fear.

For years, Kuto tried to ignore his fears, to push them down and pretend they didn't exist. But eventually, the fears began to take over his life. They dictated where he went and what he did. Kuto became a prisoner in his own mind, too scared to even leave his house most days.

Then one day, something happened that changed everything for Kuto. He received a letter from Peru informing him that his long-lost cousin had died and left him her estate. Suddenly, Kuto had the opportunity to start over again in a new place - far away from all his fears and phobias.

With nothing holding him back any longer, Kuto packed up all his belongings and boarded a plane for Peru with excitement coursing through him for the first time in years. Finally free from the chains of fear that had held him captive for so long!
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