Kuto was born in the Philippines, and his life has been filled with rage ever since. He has a quiff haircut, dark brown hair color, and a shaved face. He wears a red and yellow t-shirt, and he has a silver earring on his left lobe. Kuto is always looking for a fight, and he doesn’t back down from anyone or anything. He’s been in countless brawls, and he’s never lost one. Kuto is also an expert fighter; he knows how to use his fists, feet, elbows, knees, headbutts – you name it.

One day while Kuto was walking down the street looking for trouble as usual (and probably smelling like alcohol), he saw somebody he didn’t like the look of across the road. The guy was minding his own business just walking along until Kuto started throwing verbal abuse at him from across the road – calling him all sorts of names and telling him to come over so he could beat him up. The guy ignored Kuto at first but eventually crossed the road to confront him after being called a chicken too many times; that’s when things got physical.