Kuto’s life no. 188

Kuto had always been a sad child. His parents died when he was young and he was sent to live with his grandparents in Albania. They were poor and could not afford to keep him, so Kuto was often left alone. He would wander the streets, looking for something to do or someone to talk to.

One day, Kuto met a boy named Gjergj who had just moved to Albania from Kosovo. Gjergj was also alone and bored, so the two boys quickly became friends. They would spend hours talking and exploring together. Gjergj showed Kuto how to fish in the river and taught him some words in Albanian. Kuto liked spending time with his new friend and soon forgot about his loneliness.

However, tragedy struck one day when Gjergi's family was killed in a bombing raid by Serbian forces. Grief-stricken, Gjergi took his own life shortly afterwards. Once again, Kuto was left completely alone in the world.

He withdrew into himself after that, barely speaking or interacting with anyone else for months on end. One day, out of sheer boredom, he decided to shave his head bald like everyone else in Albania seemed to be doing at the time. It made him feel better - more like part of a group - even though he still felt lonely inside. To make matters worse, shortly after shaving his head, Kuto's grandfather passed away as well. This double tragedy sent him into a deep depression from which he has never truly recovered.
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