Kuto’s life was filled with fear. He was always afraid of being caught by the authorities and sent back to his home country, Guyana. Kuto had a grey cyclist cap that he wore to cover his dark grey hair. He also wore repaired nerd eyeglasses and had a Super Mario mustache. Kuto’s clothing consisted of a grey arabic shirt that he had gotten from a friend.

One day, Kuto was out cycling when he saw a police car coming towards him. He immediately panicked and tried to pedal away as fast as he could but the police car managed to catch up to him. The officer asked for his ID and when Kuto couldn’t produce one, the officer told him that he would have to come with him down to the station.

At the station, Kuto was fingerprinted and photographed before being placed in a holding cell. He knew that this was the end for him and tears streamed down his face as he thought about all the things he would never get to do or experience in life now that he would be deported back to Guyana.