Kuto’s life no. 185

Kuto awoke in his cell, alone and enraged. He had no idea how long he had been here, or why. All he knew was that he wanted out-and-he wanted revenge.

The door to his cell opened and Kuto's captors entered. They were human, but Kuto didn't care. He would kill them all the same.

Without warning, Kuto attacked the humans, using every ounce of strength and rage to fight them off. But it was futile; they were too strong and too many. Soon, Kuto was subdued and dragged from his cell kicking and screaming.

He was brought to a room where a man sat at a desk, flanked by two armed guards. The man introduced himself as Doctor Jameson and explained that Kuto was on an alien world called Saint Pierre & Miquelon II-a research facility for studying the native life forms known as the 'Kutos'.

Doctor Jameson told Kuto that he would be studied extensively over the next few months before being released back into the wild...if he cooperated peacefully. If not, then there would be dire consequences for both him and his planet's safety
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