Kuto’s life no. 183

Kuto was born in the Northern Mariana Islands, and his life has been filled with grief ever since. His mother died when he was only a year old, and his father died shortly thereafter. Kuto was then raised by his grandparents, who were both killed in a typhoon when he was ten years old. Kuto's only sister also died in the typhoon.

Since that tragic day, Kuto has been all alone in the world. He has never married or had children of his own, and he lives a solitary life working as a janitor at the local elementary school.

But even though Kuto is all alone, he is not without friends. He is close to the school's principal, Mrs. Tanaka, and she often invites him to her home for dinner or to watch television. He is also friendly with some of the teachers at the school, and they sometimes give him rides home from work.

But despite these friendships, Kuto remains haunted by his memories of loss and grief. He often dreams about his loved ones who have died, and he can't help but feel that their deaths were somehow his fault. Maybe if he had been there for them they would still be alive today...
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