Kuto’s life no. 182

Kuto's life was filled with indignation. He was always the last one chosen for any team, always the butt of every joke. His hair was black and unruly, his clothes were hand-me-downs from his older brother, and his face was covered in acne. But worst of all, he had a side parting haircut that made him look like a nerd.

But then one day, everything changed. Kuto discovered he had superpowers. He could fly! He could shoot beams of energy from his eyes! And best of all, he looked cool doing it.

With his new found powers, Kuto became a superhero! He stopped criminals and saved damsels in distress. Finally, people started to respect him and even fear him a little bit.

But not everyone appreciated Kuto's new found fame. His old friends from school were jealous of him and tried to sabotage his career as a superhero. And even worse, there were evil villains out there who wanted to destroy him!
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