Kuto’s life no. 178

Kuto never thought his life would be filled with such resentment. It all started when he was born in the small country of Luxembourg. His parents were poor and could barely afford to keep him fed, let alone clothed. When Kuto turned five, his father died unexpectedly and his mother was left to fend for herself and her young son. She did the best she could, but Kuto always felt like he was a burden to her.

When Kuto turned thirteen, his mother remarried a man from Kuwait who was much wealthier than her previous husband. At first, Kuto thought things might finally get better for him; however, it quickly became apparent that his stepfather only saw him as a nuisance. He constantly made fun of Kuto's bowl haircut and light grey hair color, telling him that he looked like an old man. He also teased Kuto about his shaved face, which made the young boy even more self-conscious about his appearance.

One day, after yet another round of insults from his stepfather, Kuto had had enough. He packed up his few belongings and left home without looking back. He vowed never to return until he had made something of himself; proving to everyone that he wasn't just some worthless orphan boy with no future..
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