Kuto’s life was filled with indignation. He was in Brunei Darussalam, and he had a crew haircut. His hair color was dark brown, and he had a Balbo beard. He wore a red and yellow t-shirt. He was always angry about something or other.

Most of Kuto’s anger was directed at his job. He worked as a manual laborer on construction sites, and he felt that he was treated like dirt by his employers. They paid him very little, and they expected him to work long hours in difficult conditions. Sometimes Kuto would take his frustration out on his co-workers, but mostly he just kept it bottled up inside himself.

One day, Kuto’s boss told him to do something that made him so angry that he finally snapped. He threw down his tools and quit on the spot. It felt good to release all of that pent-up anger, but now Kuto had no income and no prospects for the future.

He didn’t know what he was going to do next, but he knew one thing for sure: he wasn’t going to put up with any more indignities in his life!