Kuto’s life no. 164

Kuto was born on the island of Mahe in the Seychelles. His parents were both fishermen, and so Kuto learned to fish at a young age. He was a natural at it, and soon became one of the best fisherman on the island. Everyone in his village knew him, and they all loved him dearly.

One day, when Kuto was out fishing as usual, he caught something very strange in his net. It was a creature unlike any he had ever seen before. It had a long body and a short tail, and it glowed brightly in the sun. Kuto didn't know what to make of it, but he knew that this creature was special somehow.

He took the creature home with him and showed it to his parents. They were just as baffled as he was, but they all agreed that whatever this thing was, it must be important somehow. So they decided to take care of it and raise it as their own child alongside Kuto. They named him "Seychelles" after the islands where they found him
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