Kuto’s life no. 152

Once upon a time, on a small island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, there lived a boy named Kuto. Kuto was not like other boys his age. He was different. He did not enjoy playing with the other children on the island or going to school. Instead, he preferred to spend his days alone, exploring the island and collecting shells.

Kuto's parents had always warned him about staying away from certain areas of the island, but he never listened. One day, while he was out exploring near one of those forbidden areas, he slipped and fell into a deep pit filled with disgusting slugs and worms. The stench was so vile that Kuto vomited immediately.

It took him several hours to climb out of that pit and when he finally made it back home his clothes were covered in slime and smells. His parents were so disgusted by what they saw and smelled that they banished him from their home forever.

Kuto didn't mind being exiled from his family's home; in fact, he found it quite freeing. Now he could do whatever he wanted without having to worry about what anyone else thought or said about him! So for years Kuto roamed freely around the island, living off bugs and berries as best as he could manage."
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