Kuto’s life no. 14

There was once a man named Kuto who lived in Cameroon. His life was filled with sadness and he always wore a brown bowler hat. His hair color was off black and he had a Balbo beard. He always wore a white shirt. One day, Kuto went to the market to buy some food for his family. He saw a beautiful woman there and decided to talk to her. Unfortunately, she didn't understand him because she spoke only French. Kuto didn't know how to speak French, so he just smiled at her and walked away.

Kuto continued on with his life, but he couldn't forget that woman. He started learning French so that he could go back to the market and talk to her again. After months of studying, Kuto finally felt confident enough to go back and talk to the woman again. When he arrived at the market, she wasn't there anymore; however, he did see her walking down the street with another man arm-in-arm."
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