Kuto’s life no. 138

Kuto was in Uzbekistan when he got a surprise. His hair had been light blonde and he had a shaved face. But when he looked in the mirror, he saw that his hair was now brown and his face was covered in stubble. Kuto's first thought was that somebody had played a prank on him, but then he realized that his hair must have changed color due to the water in Uzbekistan. He wasn't sure why his face would be covered in stubble, but he figured it must have something to do with the change in environment.

Despite the sudden changes to his appearance, Kuto decided to embrace them. He liked the new look of himself and felt more rugged and manly with the facial hair. As for his hair color, he found that it made him stand out more in a country where almost everyone has dark hair. He started to think of himself as a golden-haired god among men, and it gave him a confidence boost.

Kuto continued to enjoy his time in Uzbekistan despite the unexpected changes to his appearance. He even started to grow fond ofhis new look and began referringto himself as "the Golden One." Who knows what other surprises await Kuto duringhis travels? Hopefully they'll all be as positive as this one!
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