Kuto’s life no. 136

Kuto was in high spirits as he walked through the streets of Cabo Verde. He had a black bowler hat on his head and a green and black v-neck t-shirt. His hair color was dark brown and his face was shaved. He looked like he belonged in a thriller movie. People stared at him as he passed by, but he paid them no attention. He knew they were just jealous of his good looks.

As Kuto walked, he couldn't help but notice the many beautiful women around him. They were all wearing revealing clothes and seemed to be having a great time. He smiled to himself, thinking that this place was truly paradise for someone like him.

Suddenly, Kuto's reverie was interrupted by a loud noise behind him. He turned around to see two men running towards him, their faces filled with anger. Without thinking any further, Kuto started running away from them as fast as he could."Help! Someone help me!"He shouted at the top of his lungs, but nobody came to his aid."You're not going to get away from us!"The men shouted after him."We'll kill you if you don't give us your money!"
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