Kuto’s life no. 127

Kuto was born in the small village of Guinea. He never knew his parents, as they died when he was just a baby. He was raised by his grandparents, who were very strict with him. Kuto grew up hating them, and feeling like an outcast in his own village. When he turned 18, he decided to leave Guinea and start a new life elsewhere.

He ended up in the city of Conakry, where he found work as a janitor at a local hospital. The work was hard and the pay wasn't great, but it was enough to get by on. Kuto quickly realized that he didn't like living in the city; it was too noisy and crowded for him. He often daydreamed about returning to his village, where life seemed much simpler and more peaceful.

One day, while cleaning one of the patient rooms at the hospital, Kuto came across an old magazine article about Africa that someone had left behind. The article featured a picture of a man with an afro haircut - something that Kuto had always wanted but never had the courage to try himself. After looking at the picture for awhile, Kuto made up his mind: he would go to Africa and get an afro haircut!

The next day, Kuto quit his job at the hospital and bought a plane ticket to Ghana - which is where he assumed all people with afros lived. When he arrived in Ghanaian capital of Accra , however ,he quickly realized that there were no Africans with afros . Everyone stared at him funny when walked around town with my new haircut . Finally , I gaveupand shaved my head bald .
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