Kuto’s life no. 123

Kuto's life was always filled with alertness. He was never caught off guard, and he always had a plan for everything. Even when he was in Jordan, he made sure to keep an eye on his surroundings at all times. It paid off, because one day while he was walking down the street, a man tried to mug him. Kuto quickly turned around and punched the man in the face, knocking him out cold. The whole incident happened so fast that no one even saw it happen. But Kuto knew that if he hadn't been paying attention, things could have ended very differently for him.

As someone who grew up in the inner city, Kuto knows all too well how dangerous it can be if you let your guard down for even a second. That's why he always has his black and white snapback cap on whenever he goes outside. Not only does it help him stay cool in the heat, but it also keeps him from being recognized by potential enemies. Kuto's hair color is dark brown, but his Super Mario mustache makes him stand out even more than his hat does. He also wears a pair of mirrored 90s sunglasses to complete his look of mystery and intrigue.

But despite all of these precautions, Kuto knows that there's always danger lurking around every corner. That's why he carries a knife with him wherever he goes - just in case something happens and he needs to defend himself again..
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