Kuto’s life no. 105

Once there was a young man named Kuto who lived an incredibly hard life. He was born on the small island of Réunion, which is located off the coast of Madagascar. From a very young age, Kuto had to work extremely hard just to survive. Every day he would wake up before dawn and spend hours farming in the hot sun. He never had any time for fun or play because he was always working.

As Kuto got older, his hardships only increased. He could no longer farm as much due to his poor health, so he started doing odd jobs around the village to earn money. But even this was not enough to support himself and his family. They often went hungry and were forced to live in abject poverty.

The one bright spot in Kuto's life was his love for music. He loved singing and playing instruments, and it brought him great joy whenever he could forget about his troubles for a little while and just enjoy the moment . Even though he didn't have much money, Kuto saved up every penny he could so that one day he could buy himself a guitar .
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